Tax Debt Relief

Posted on March 16th, 2016

Dealing with the IRS in any circumstance can be a stressful thing, especially when you owe them a sum of money that you simply do not have or can’t afford to give up. IRS tax debt can be especially scary since most people only accumulate this debt after not paying the IRS at all what they owe them. Therein lies the first mistake that people tend to make when deciding how to go about paying the IRS: choosing not to pay at all rather than paying at least what they can afford.

pbg fl tax debt reliefBut if you’re reading this you’re probably not looking to hear about what you could have done differently to avoid your debt. You’re looking for how to go about fighting off the IRS before they do something like levy your assets or take other serious action against you. The answer to your concern lies in good representation of your interests- those interests being paying back the IRS in a way that you can manage and afford. IRS tax debt relief is best managed by a firm like Nowicki Law. Mark J. Nowicki, P.A., a Palm Beach Gardens, Florida tax attorney, knows how to navigate the complex channels of the IRS and reach a settlement that is in your favor.

In most cases, a firm like Nowicki Law will go about creating an offer in compromise (OIC) between you and the IRS. An OIC is exactly what it sounds like: it is an offer by the IRS to allow you to pay less than you actually owe. Of course, you will still eventually have to pay your full amount owed. But rather than paying that amount all at once when you simply can’t afford to, you can essentially compromise with the IRS and pay a smaller amount as a lump sum and then proceed to pay off the rest in installments.

tax debt reliefHowever, before an OIC can be settled upon, the taxpayer has to be assessed. The IRS may make an OIC to the taxpayer in question if they are found to simply not have the necessary funds to cover their debts, for example. If you believe you owe less than the IRS says you do, you may also receive an OIC. Finally, the IRS will accept a lower lump sum payment if the full payment would cause hardship to the taxpayer. The most important thing to remember in all of this is that when you have the proper representation, the IRS will be willing to work with you to settle your debts, not against you as so many people tend to believe. Going at it without a tax firm like Nowicki Law to back you up, however, simply is not worth the trouble.

Don’t let those letters from the IRS sit unresolved; invest in the help of a firm like Nowicki Law and take care of your tax debt before it becomes too big to handle. Mark J. Nowicki, a tax attorney in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida is waiting for your call and willing to help you get relief. Take action against your tax debt today!


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