Estate Planning Attorney Jupiter, FloridaEstate Planning Attorney Jupiter, Florida

Our firm offers a number of different estate planning attorney services that are designed to help you plan for your future and the futures of those you care about the most. In addition to basic estate planning attorney services that include drawing up and reviewing wills, creating a revocable living trust, durable power of attorney, healthcare proxy, and even a die with dignity statement, we can help you with more advanced estate planning services, some of which include:

Family Limited Partnerships

A family limited partnership is a legal structure that is created to protect assets in the event of the death of a primary asset holder. For example, if you own a significant amount of real estate and want to protect your heirs from having to pay a considerable amount in taxes and other penalties, a family limited partnership can be established granting limited control over the assets. The reason that this is a benefit to those who hold considerable assets is that the partnership is that the partnership is not assessed with gift taxes or estate taxes and the assets are protected from creditors in the event of death.

Private Foundations

A private foundation is a charitable organization that is created through the generous donation of one donor. The benefits of establishing a private foundation is that the organization may be considered tax exempt by the IRS, making it a great way to shelter assets from taxation. In addition, they make it possible to grant gifts of money without having to pay gift taxes.

Public Charities

Public charities are much like private foundations with the notable exception that they accept donations from many different sources. The main difference is that public charities tend to not make grants to others while private foundations often do.

Family Holding Companies

Family holding companies can be established to make the transfer of assets between family members easier while sheltering the transfers from gift, estate and other taxes. Establishing a family holding company can be extremely beneficial for families where there is an interest to protect a large net worth.

Our Estate Planning Services Include:

  • Wills
  • Revocable Living Trusts
  • Irrevocable Trusts
  • Insurance Trusts
  • Charitable Trusts
  • Specialized Tax Planning Trusts
  • Perpetual, Generation-Skipping, and Dynasty Trusts
  • Family Limited Partnerships
  • Private Foundations
  • Public Charities
  • Family Holding Companies
  • Private Annuities
  • Estate Freezes
  • GRATs, GRUTs, SPLATs, etc.
  • QDOT’s
  • QPRT’s

Contact us today and allow us to begin analyzing your current situation and begin recommending solutions that can help protect your assets and your heirs from having to pay the high cost of estate and/or gift taxes that often plague high net worth families after the death.

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